Light & Heavy Property Refurbishment Loans in Berkshire

Light refurbishments are usually defined as cosmetic changes to a property such as replacing a kitchen, rewiring, or redecorating. By contrast, heavy refurbishments are when structural changes are being made to the property, especially those that may require planning permission.

Lenders have different products, rates, and criteria for both light and heavy refurbishment deals, this reflects their differing appetite for certain types of projects. For example, we have lenders on our panel who have a very strong interest in community projects or eco-friendly developments.

Because we have such a large lender portfolio, we are able to source the best possible rates and deals for your specific requirements and unique situation. From the mainstream high street banks to specialist lenders.

Bridging Finance

If you require a refurbishment loan in Berkshire for a short period of time or need to release funds quickly in order to complete a project, bridging finance may be an option for you, we have relationships which a broad spectrum of bridging lenders who will lend against residential, semi-commercial and commercial properties.

Refurb-to-Term Loans for Investment properties

Refurbishments buy-to-let products combine all the speed and flexibility of bridging finance with the traditional buy-to-let mortgage. By allowing professional landlords to purchase, refurbish and then tenant a property, you are satisfying the lenders need for an ‘exit-strategy’ on the bridging loan.

This is great news for landlords as it allows them to add properties to their portfolio that might have otherwise been out of reach.

For more information and guidance on property refurbishment loans in Berkshire or any other type of commercial finance please submit an enquiry from our contact form.

Property Refurbishment Loans